Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Service Learning + EL PT

1. 22 March 2016 After School, 2 hours
2. Choose the tasks for each group.
3. The Activities: *Pre-Activity
4. Group Leaders are:
  1. Nat
  2. E-Shean
  3. Peihan
  4. Isa
  5. Bervin
  6. Muneerul
5. Decide roles of each group member.
6. 12 Feb, 9pm for group leaders to comment on the tasks.


  1. Narrator/Interviewer : Berniss, Isa, Sabrina (Taking Turns)
    Script Writer/Editor #1 : Amirul
    Script Writer/Editor #2 : Sabrina
    IT Experts : Berniss, Isa (Taking turns)

    Chosen Topic : Health and Care Services for the Elderly

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  3. Group 3

    Narrator/Interviewer: Yong E-Shean, Kwan Jun Jie
    Script Writer/Editor #1: Sandra Leong
    Script Writer/Editor #2: Ng Kang Zhe
    IT Expert: Ng Kang Zhe

    How to start the conversation?
    - We will be giving the elderly and each group member snacks such as biscuits. We hope to create the environment of chit-chatting over a small snack so that the elderly may be more willing to speak.
    - There will also be board/card games which we will play with the elderly.
    Chosen Topic: The Government and the Elderly

  4. Narrator/Interviewer: Kovan, Muneerul, Dion, Ashley
    Script Writer/Editor: Ashley
    Script Writer/Editor: Dion
    IT Expert: Kovan and Muneerul

    Chosen Topic: The Government and the Pioneer Generation

  5. My group's (Nadia, Fareish, Qi Jun, Wen Xuan and me) S-L activities list:

    First 30min (assume 30min):
    Icebreaker session (pick-up sticks ~15min, memory game ~15min)

    Chit-chat to slowly progress towards talking about their opinions on certain topics

    Interview EACH ELDERLY on certain topics to get their individual responses rather than as a group, thus 45min.

    Closure session (presentation of Thank-You cards/small tokens of appreciation)

    Total: 2h (provided any activity does not exceed time expected).

    Chosen Topic: Health and care services for the elderly

    Narrator/Interviewer x2 – Nadia & Nathaniel
    Script-writer/Editor #1 – Qi Jun
    Script-writer/Editor #2 – Wen Xuan
    IT Expert – Fareish


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